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Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Garage Door

From speedy emergency assistance to comprehensive repair and complete maintenance, our residential garage door company offers it all.

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Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

We have the means, expertise and knowledge to provide complete glass garage door repair services

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are acknowledged leaders in garage doors and are the best in the city for the repair and maintenance of garage door springs.

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We care about our Clients

Our garage door adjustment & maintenance service is truly a reflection of how much we care about our customers. Do you need some quick tips about garage door matters? You will find the cleverest ones here.

Keep garage door tracks clean

Tracks guide the door to its full cycle and they ought to be clean; otherwise, the garage door rollers won't be able to slide properly and will lead the door off tracks. Some obstacles may also distort them and damaged garage door tracks will make the door dysfunctional and very noisy according to the experts from our company. So, keep them clean!

What garage door parts must be checked for more often

All garage door parts play a significant role to the overall operation of the door but springs and cables can cause the most common problems, if they are not maintained on time according to our specialists. Periodical lubrication maintenance can keep garage door springs flexible and loose cables must be fixed at once to avoid dealing with a door off tracks.

Check the mechanism often

When you keep your mind on the way the garage door moves, sounds and works, you can prevent many problems and accidents. Don't forget that garage doors are just mechanisms and if you pay attention to inconsistencies and funny sounds and ensure they are checked and fixed as soon as possible, you will avoid future problems. Focus on problems related with the garage door opener sensors.

The power of insulation

Garage doors with insulation features provide extra comfort to your garage area because it regulates the temperature from the inside. Wooden garage door usually have low insulation point while steel and aluminum door have higher insulation. Contact our experts to help you replace the door if necessary.

Make your life easy

Garage doors can make your life easy as long as you invest in the right materials and the proper garage door openers. Choose materials that are ideal for your local weather conditions and won't make your life hard with constant maintenance, and select openers with modern accessories that would allow you easy access and ensured safety.

If the motor runs, but the garage door does not move, check the torsion spring

During opening, most of the lift force required for the purpose is provided by the spring. When it is broken, the opener usually cannot do the work alone. Our professionals in Chicago recommend stopping the opener immediately in this situation and inspecting the spring visually. If it is broken, it has to be replaced immediately.

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